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The guiding principal of Ayurveda is disease prevention by harmonising the body and mind's rhythm with nature



"Totally agree with a review from OH SO LONDON! I have had a lower back problems for a while. Tried chiropractors, physio, my GP, etc. Only after seeing Aneta from Free Flow I seem to notice a difference. The warm sesame treatment combined with massages works wonders. She has also me loads of nutrition and skin advice based on my ayurvedic type. I was sceptical at the beginning but it really does make a difference. She really listens to your needs. Couldn’t ask for more friendly and encouraging attitude either. Highly recommended."

Alex Valente

"When it comes to Ayurveda, Aneta is London's best kept secret. Empathic, welcoming and warm, she never fails to read me as if I were an open book and without me telling her, she knows what my body-mind-soul need. Recently I was trying to figure out what makes Aneta stand out and suddenly it became crystal clear: Aneta starts by massaging my body, but invariably end up massaging my soul."

Daiva Mazaliauskaite

"Aneta is not only an Ayurvedic/Holistic professional, she is so gifted and shares it with others. Her treatments do not only restore your physical body, but balance your soul and mind. Aneta puts so much energy and love in everything she does. Thank you for all the treatments! Let your light shine."

Nina Alawo

"I couldn't recommend Aneta at Free Flow Ayurveda highly enough. What I very much appreciate and love about Aneta and her work is that she truly and wholeheartedly cares about the individual + their wellbeing. Aneta listens and understands and tunes in with your body. She doesn't treat symptoms but treats your root cause. She passes on her incredible knowledge in such a dedicated way that you literally feel you have been heard and you have been understood.  I have had many treatments with her and the results were always very deep and lasting. Finding a therapist whom you can trust, who understands you, works with you, is passionate about the work + your path and shows genuine commitment is sooo important. And I am truly grateful to have found my therapist. Thank you, Aneta!!"

Clare Waters

"Aneta is an angel. She has that very rare ability to see beyond your words and just sense how you are and what you need. An absolute gem."

Tere Nunez-Incer

"Last summer I had a really painful back. I tried having a back massage in a couple of places but realized they were only giving me temporary relief. I tried the Ayurvedic treatment from Free Flow and I havent complained since. Highly recommended, specially for people like me, who dont really follow or practice alternative health options."

Pavlina Holicova

"Aneta’s holistic approach and connection she makes with her clients is rather unique. She is a compassionate therapist with an open mind and heart. Every time I have a massage with her, I find it deeply relaxing. After each session I feel rejuvenated and more grounded. I simply feel my essential self! This is priceless! Thank you dear Aneta for being my guide on the journey of self-discovery and well-being."

Jerome Hallay

"Aneta is a rare find in the Ayurveda space in London. She is excellent in her practice of Ayurveda and – even more importantly- actively keeps on learning and improving. Curiosity among healthcare professionals or alternative medicine practitioners is rare and needs to be mentioned. Finally, Aneta does genuinely care about her clients and is a very good listener. I wholeheartedly recommend her."




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