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The guiding principal of Ayurveda is disease prevention by harmonising the body and mind's rhythm with nature

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  • Samsara Mind and Body 205 Merton Road Wandsworth London SW18 5EE United Kingdom (map)

If you frequently get the feeling that life is beyond your control and have difficulty coping with pressures of modern life, you may be suffering from stress, depression or anxiety which could lead to even more serious health problems. What more, stress is also one of the biggest factors contributing to ageing!

We are all very different so it’s vitally important to realise what causes your stress and how to  combat it. The combined science of Yoga & Ayurveda offer one of the most effective and practical self-healing methods to reduce the effects of stress on your body + mind and to bring balance into your busy lifestyle so you can feel healthy and happy again.

In this workshop you will learn a sequence of carefully selected yoga postures, combined with special breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation and visualization. We will teach you a simple Ayurvedic foot/hand massage that works with energy points to calm your body + mind and introduce the type of foods and herbs that help you feel at peace with yourself, improve digestion and sleeping, fight anxiety and recharge whenever you need it.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all practitioners, students or teachers, to embrace the universal law of nature upon which Ayurveda and Yoga are based on and explore both disciplines through an inspirational practical theory and a fun theoretical practice.

What to expect and what’s included?

  •  Stress-relieving stretches
  •  Gentle & restorative yoga postures
  •  Calming breathing exercises
  •  Guided meditation & visualization
  •  Yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
  •  Calming Ayurvedic foot/hand massage (self-practice)
  •  Ayurvedic guide to foods & herbs to balance stress

I feel honoured to be leading this workshop together with my friend Michaela Olexova from The Baoli, a respected yoga teacher combining her talent and passion for yoga to help you find the way to a more healthy and balanced life. She has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and worked as a certified yoga teacher since 2006 and Reiki therapist since 2009. Michaela trained in India, Nepal and the UK and is loved by her students for her positive energy, calmness and individual attention. Her classes offer a combination of challenging hatha yoga practice and mindful relaxation, helping you to discover your true potential, freedom and happiness.

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