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The guiding principal of Ayurveda is disease prevention by harmonising the body and mind's rhythm with nature

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  • Samsara Mind and Body 205 Merton Road Wandsworth London SW18 5EE United Kingdom (map)

In this workshop we will explore the relationship between Yoga and Ayurveda and how the union between both sciences, their origin, principles and goals can help us transform and enhance the wellbeing of our body, mind and spirit.

Determining your unique constitution (dosha) and what elements influence your physiology is essential in understanding not only your health but the whole of life in order to better support your self-healing and self-realization.

Using the wisdom of Ayurveda, you will be able to discover what asanas (yoga postures), pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra (sacred sounds) are specific to your unique constitution to balance your elements (the nature’s energies represented in each dosha), maintain a good health and assist the healing process.

This is a fantastic opportunity for all yoga practitioners, students or teachers, to embrace the universal law of nature upon which Ayurveda and Yoga are based on and explore both disciplines through an inspirational practical theory and a fun theoretical practice.

What to expect and what’s included?

  • Introduction to basic principles of Ayurveda and how to implement them into your Yoga practice
  • Discover your unique constitution (dosha) and how its energies shape your nature and influence your wellbeing
  • Learn the essential key to practicing Yoga for your unique dosha and what asanas, pranayama and mantra will help your transformation
  • Practice a mini facial self-massage technique using a stimulation of energy points and include it into your daily routines to help balance your unique dosha
  • Choose the right medicated oils, therapeutic music and herbal teas to support and enhance your practice at home

I feel honoured to be leading this workshop together with my friend Michaela Olexova from The Baoli, a respected yoga teacher combining her talent and passion for yoga to help you find the way to a more healthy and balanced life. She has been practicing yoga for over 14 years and worked as a certified yoga teacher since 2006 and Reiki therapist since 2009. Michaela trained in India, Nepal and the UK and is loved by her students for her positive energy, calmness and individual attention. Her classes offer a combination of challenging hatha yoga practice and mindful relaxation, helping you to discover your true potential, freedom and happiness.

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