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The guiding principal of Ayurveda is disease prevention by harmonising the body and mind's rhythm with nature


Full Body Massage    60 min  £60     90 min £80
Soothing+ Restorative  Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, it helps release physical and mental tension, harmonizing from the tips of the toes to the crown of the head. Warm herbal oils are massaged into the body, enhancing circulation and muscle tone. This encourages the elimination of impurities which often cause the nervous system to block the creativity of the mind.

Marma Massage    90 min   £80
Detox + Vitality + Flow  Helps release toxins, reduce fatigue and restore strength and harmony. During this warming massage energy points are stimulated to awaken and restore your inner vitality and bring relief to the entire body. Acupuncture without needles.

Herbal Scrub Massage    60 min £60  90 min £80
Detox+ Tone+ Clarity  This unique massage treatment uses a fragrant blend of purifying herbs gently rubbed into the body. It helps to remove stagnant toxins and excess weight out of the body and enhance metabolism. Softens and exfoliates the skin, improves muscle tone, and is a favoured treatment for those with sensitive skin. For deeper cleanse try Himalayan Salt Body Renewal, which is ideal for cellulite, stress and exhaustion. On a subtle level, it cleanses and strengthens the aura, leaving your bio-energy field uplifted.

Herbal Poultice De-Stress    60 min £70
Heat + Release  It is a method of therapeutic sweating. The body is thoroughly massaged with healing herbs in a densely packed soft muslin cloth and dipped into warm healing oil and applied over the body. Highly recommended for rheumatic conditions, arthritis, back aches, muscular disorders, stress and insomnia.

Abdominal Massage    45 min  £50
Reshape + Tone + Detox  Helping to tone back your abdomen, assist weight loss, improve digestion and strengthen muscles. Ideal for those suffering with abdominal pain, digestive issues, toxicity, fatigue, lethargy and as a post-natal treatment. 

Back Massage    30 min  £40     45 min  £50     60 min  £60
Tension releasing + Harmonizing  This muscle relaxing and revitalising massage helps relieve backache and tensions. It restores a free flow of life force along the spine and energy pathways. For deeper experience I suggest Kundalini back massage (60 min  £65), very transformative and potent experience using warm poultices filled with Himalayan pink salt and plant extracts, chakra balancing essential oils and sound healing.  

Lower Back Basti    60 min  £60
Grounding + Releasing  A unique warm oil treatment for the lower back. It can be helpful in treating all lower back ailments, including acute and chronic pain, nerve disorders and sciatica. This treatment increases the circulation in the lower back area considerably, and the medicated oil is deeply absorbed into the skin both nourishing and strengthening the muscles and nerves.

Neck Basti    60 min  £60
Breathe + Let Go A special warm oil bath for the back and neck. This treatment is likely to alleviate most types of problems associated with the neck.  It is ideal for people suffering from acute and chronic neck pains, nerve problems, tension and stress related ailments. 

Heart Basti    60 min  £60
Deep Healing + Profound  It strengthens heart function, helps release deep seated emotions and calms the breath. In this treatment the heart region is bathed in a warm oil. It is very effective for letting go and releasing fear, grief, anxiety and other deep seated emotional issues, including imbalances associating with the heart chakra.

Foot Massage    30 min  £40     45 min  £50     60 min  £60 
Grounding + Cleansing  Very helpful for people with stress and sleeping disorders, stress, anxiety, circulation disturbances, accumulation of toxins, fatigue, cramps and helps in treating varicose veins, swelling and soreness.

Hand Massage     30 min  £40     45 min  £50     60 min  £60
Calming + Connecting  This soothing Ayurvedic hand massage uses Ayurvedic oils to revitalize and relax overused and forgotten hands. Relieves symptoms of anxiety, nervousness, tension and repetitive strain injuries to the hand.

Pregnancy massage     60 min  £60
Love + Support  Specifically tailored for mum-to-be needs. It is highly relaxing and nourishing massage that assist you in changes that your body and mind are going through this transitional time. Warm plant oils are used with soothing, nurturing and rhythmic massage strokes to promote feelings of wellbeing. Recommended after the first trimester.




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